Design Approach

At Rivertown Landscapes, we’re not mindless order-takers, but neither are we creative prima donnas. Every landscape design is a product of close, individualized collaboration between our landscape designer and you.

We dig deep to discover the wishes, hopes and desires that drive your landscaping vision. Together we’ll explore the possibilities, both traditional and unexpected, that come from harnessing the power of imagination. Your landscape design will live. It will breathe. It will stand as an awe-inspiring declaration of your own personal style.

Landscape Design Is A Collaborative Effort.



We begin by listening and learning. Do you have a collection of images you like? How do you envision using your space? Do you prefer a specific design or architectural style? These initial conversations, along with a detailed site inventory and analysis, provide the foundation for creating the right space for you!


Beginning with loose sketches, we explore the many possibilities of your site. These schematic designs are refined into a final concept plan based on your choices and preferences. We help guide you through design styles, colors, materials, patterns, and budgets. Every project presents its own challenges and we pride ourselves on our unique solutions and timeless creations.

Once the concept plan, or design direction, is approved, construction drawings are produced that provide a detailed direction for all aspects of the design. These drawings provide a clear direction and exact dimensions and instructions for the installation of your project.


Our talented crews bring the design and plans to life. Hardscapes and softscapes are laid out and constructed in a safe and efficient manner with careful attention to every last detail. Proper techniques and best practices are followed to ensure the lasting success of your garden for generations!


Sit back and enjoy the perfect space that you helped mold and create throughout our entire design build process. Relax and let us help with the finer points of maintaining your new garden as well.

Our Design Process

See samples of our designs as they move toward our final, beautiful product.